Computers for Africa


About CFA:

Computers for Africa is a registered Scottish Charity which began in the summer of 1994; when a group of sixth year computing students at Plockton High School competed for a Royal Bank of Scotland Information Technology Innovation Award.  Their winning entry chose to collect and take redundant computers to a new location where fellow students would otherwise have no access to such equipment.

We are a small charity, taking up to 300 computers each year to schools, in a number of African destinations. We deliver, install and offer training to teachers and pupils who would otherwise never receive such equipment.

The idea is simple and effective and everyone involved benefits. Redundant computers donated by individuals or organisations are put to good use. African students are provided with tools, which can help themselves and their communities. Plockton High School students give their time and expertise in preparing the computers and in carrying out training in Africa- their reward is the experience of a lifetime.

Each year we have to raise about £15,000 to pay for the delivery of these computers. Based in the tiny Scottish Highland community of Plockton we have for the past 14 years tried just about every fundraising activity known to man!

Then there are the computers that need collecting from donors, testing, cleaning, software installing and finally packing before delivering 700 miles to Tilbury docks, just so they can begin their journey.

Each year a different group is led by Mr Terry Heaviside (computing teacher) and a small group of 6th form pupils are given this unique chance to go. To date the organisation has collectively sent over 5000 computers to around 300 schools in 10 African countries. We have made computing possible for over 300, 000 young Africans.

Scottish Youth Helping Young Africans since 1994

Over 5000 computers installed in African schools.

Over 120 young people involved in installation and the sharing of idea and issues with African colleagues.

Over 300 African schools who have received help.

Computer access to an African population of over 300,000 students who would have never used computers

Young Africans in jobs.

Schools, community libraries, orphanages and health care.

Can young People make a difference ?

Judge their 19 year record!

Founded: 1994

Scottish Charity No: 025628

Address: Craig Highland Farm, Plockton, Ross-shire, IV52 8UB

Tel: +44(0) 1599544205


Chairman: Terry Heaviside